Healthy Relations Counseling

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Welcome to Healthy Relations Counseling! I'm Amy Michaels (she/her/hers), a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. That means that in addition to being trained in therapy for individuals, I also have specialized skills in working with couples and families.

I help my clients build healthier, happier, more fulfilling partner relationships. I meet with couples to work on moving through difficult issues or challenging stages in their partnership. I also work with individuals who have been dissatisfied with past partner relationships and are looking to creating healthier patterns for the future. In addition, I work with clients on family issues such as parenting difficulties, blended families, or caring for aging parents, where the challenges at hand are taking a toll on the couple relationship or on the family as a whole system.

There are many different issues and stressors that can complicate our relationships: mental and physical health issues, past trauma or loss, unhealthy patterns learned in earlier stages of life, communication blocks, and big life changes or upheavals. I work with my clients to identify the issues contributing to their problems, and to discover solutions and pathways toward their goals.

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Couples Therapy

Whether partners are feeling disconnected, having the same arguments over and over again without real resolution, struggling to repair trust, or simply trying to decide whether to move forward with the relationship or end it, couples counseling can transform relationships and improve the lives of both partners.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be used to address specific problems and issues, lead to personal growth and healthier relationships, and help you learn much more about yourself.

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